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We take pride in providing our customers a quality outcome. Our professional team of Renewable Energy Specialists are well equipped to answer all your queries and present you a tailored solution that best fits your requirements.

After Sales Support

Our Job Doesn’t finishes on completion of sale. We strongly believe in focusing on after sales support. From time to time we will send our technical staff to check our customers solar system to ensure it is producing the output promised.


Unlock your homes full potential, install your own power station today! 

We provided an end to end process, you don’t even have to leave your home! We are 100% committed to give you a quality product and after sale support.

All work is performed by a CEC- Accredited electrician.

We provide a 10 year warranty on all our workmanship

We provide a minimum 10 year manufacturers warranty on all solar panels.

We provide a 25 year manufacturers performance guarantee on all solar panels.

We provide a minimum 5 year manufacturers warranty on all inverters.

All our work is inspected by an independent government inspection team to ensure that it meets or exceeds all relevant Australian standards.

Our Excellent Customer care is always ready to answer all your queries and concerns with the solar system.

Free Consultation

A Renewable Energy Expert will visit your home to carry out an energy audit. By accessing  not only your current usage, but your family energy needs. They will show you how you can achieve maximum savings within your budget.

Designing your Solar System

We will work with you to design the most appropriate solar system size that matches your family energy needs and ensuring the fastest ROI possible.

System Installation

Only experienced and CEC Accredited Solar installers will provide you with a top quality installation within the defined time frame. All installations come with a 10 year workmanship warranty.

Start Saving

Once  the installation has been completed, an independent safety inspector will be engaged to check the installation. They will ensure the system has been installed safely and in such a way that maximises the system  output. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Some frequently asked questions with regards to your system. If you still have some questions, feel free to speak to our team.


How much weight will the solar system put on my roof?

Alliance Solar systems are light-weight but with very strong aluminium mounting frames, while distributing a total weight of just 10 to 12 kg per sq. meter.

How much roof space is required?

Required roof space varies from system to system. Our renewable energy specialist would be the best person to guide you with regards to required roof space and direction of the panels. Approximately for every kilowatt (kW) of a system requires about 7.4 sq. meters of roof space, so an average residential solar system needs between 10.5 and 34 sq. meters.

Whom shall I contact for my warranties in future?

Your one point of contact for any queries will be Alliance Solar Customer Care.

What is the lead time for the system installation?

4The target date of installation is between 2 to 5 weeks from the sign-up date.

Who Designs my system?

Solar PV system designers accredited by Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC, formerly BCSE) design all our systems. Accreditation is for the design and installation, both grid connected and standalone systems.

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