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Frequently Asked Questions

About Solar Power System ?

What size of Solar System i need ?
Solar Power System is a tailor made solution based on your energy usage, space availability. So we will visit your place to check all the aspects and will suggest you Solar System accordingly. Just Call @ 1300 960 776 to book an appointment.
What is Grid Connected Solar Power System ?
Grid connected solar is the ability to harness power from your own roof top with the ability to draw additional power from the grid when necessary, this connection to the mains power line also allows for the sale of excess power back to your retailer.
How long does installation take ?
Its all depend on the size of your system. Generally for a Home System it will take between half a day to an entire day.
How much roof space is required ?
A 1kW system requires an area of approximately 8m2. This can be installed in either a straight line or as a staggered installation depending on your roof space. If your roof space is not large enough for your desired system a mounting system can be installed at ground level.

Quality & Warranty

Have the Solar Panels and inverters been tested for quality to Australian and international standards?
All our products have Clean Energy Council approval for use in Australia.
Do you provide a warranty for the solar system?
Yes, Alliance Solar provides a warranty for your solar system.
Can i upgrade the system at a later date?

Yes upgrading is possible. Any upgrades will require an equivalent or larger inverter than the total output of the system being installed. If upgrading at a later date is a serious consideration, then we recommend installing a larger inverter at the initial installation time rather than later.

If I install a Solar PV System at my place, how much working Life Span can I expect from it?
A Solar PV System can easily last from 20 to 25 years and can even work for a longer period if maintained properly.

The Credibility

Are your installers licensed?

Yes of course, our installers are all fully qualified electricians with additional Clean Energy Council accreditation for the specific installation of solar power systems and carry all relevant insurance cover. For more information please mail us at

Are you Clean Energy Council Approved ?
Yes, Alliance Solar is Clean Energy Council Approved member.
What is your total Solar Energy Business Experience ?

Alliance Solar is actively working in Australia from last more than decade. 

Solar Basics

How do Solar Panels produce electricity?

Solar Panels work on the phenomenon called the Photoelectric Effect to produce electricity. Solar Panels are nothing but blocks of specially designed semiconducting material which produce a small amount of electricity when light falls on them. This small amount of electricity is produced in a large number of solar panels (Solar Arrays) to produce electricity for everyday consumption.

What kind of maintenance schedule do I have to follow to keep the Solar PV System in a healthy Condition?
A Solar PV System requires very minimal maintenance from the owner and is very easy to maintain. Regular cleaning of the Solar Arrays should be ensured so that the system works at its full efficiency and occasional checks should be done to ensure that there is no shading over the Solar Array because of any obstruction. The components of the system except the Solar Arrays have to be kept in a shaded area. These small steps can result in a healthier and longer life span of your Solar PV System.

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